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by Joel

Joel Walton is a citizen of the Internet, and his dog blog is a testament to that fact. He writes about dogs and he does so in a way that no one else can. His blog is so fresh and so funny, it’s impossible not to feel like you’re getting an inside look at how it feels to be Joel Walton when your dog has a terrible hair day.

I mean, really: If you’ve ever had to make a decision about whether or not to shave your dog—or if you’ve ever looked at the back end of your dog and thought “I could just never get over this,” then you will love Joel Walton’s blog.

Joel Walton’s dog blog is the only place where you’ll find out all of the best tips for keeping your dog groomed, as well as some of the worst mistakes people make when they try to take care of their dogs on their own. And if you have ever been curious about what happens when you take on the role of being responsible for someone else’s life? Then Joel Walton will tell you all about it!

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