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Rottweiler Chihuahua Mix (Chiweiler): Everything You Need To Know

by Joel
Rottweiler Chihuahua Mix

Rottweiler Chihuahua Mix is a crossbreed dog that looks like it had been fused together randomly. This mixed breed dog is typically a show dog or any other type of dog where its looks are important.

HeightAbout 15 inches
Weight40 – 70 pounds
Lifespan10-15 years
Common Health Problemsarthritis, hip dysplasia, obesity, diabetes
Price$1,000 to $2,000

About Rottweiler

Rottweiler dogs are one of the most popular breeds in the world. They were originally bred to protect people from wild boars, wolves, and bears.


The Rottweiler’s name comes from its herding history. It was originally used to herd cattle, sheep, and other animals while they were being transported. The breed is still used today for this purpose, but it also makes a great family dog because of its loyalty to its owner.

About Chihuahua

The Chihuahua is a tiny dog that stands about four inches tall and weighs about two pounds. It has a long, narrow head with high cheekbones and a pointed muzzle. Its eyes are almond-shaped and its ears are triangular in shape. The tail is thin and curly but curls upwards instead of lying flat on the back like many other breeds’ tails do.


The coat of this breed can be any color, though black or white are the most common colors for them. They have large ears that stand erect when they’re alert because they can’t fold down like smaller dogs’ ears do when they’re relaxed. Their short legs make them slow-moving but agile climbers who love running around inside their homes or yards–or even just going outside to chase butterflies!

Chihuahua Mixes:

What is a Rottweiler Chihuahua Mix?

A Rottweiler Chihuahua mix is a cross between a Rottweiler and a Chihuahua. The Rottweiler and Chihuahua are two different dog breeds, but both have distinct characteristics that make them perfect for each other.

The Rottweiler has a lot of drive, intelligence, and muscular strength. The Chihuahua is known for its small size and quiet temperament. Together, these traits create a beautiful mix that is sure to be a very happy family member.


The appearance of a Rottweiler Chihuahua mix can vary depending on the dog’s parents.

The Chiweiler will have a shorter coat but can still have the same amount of hair on their body as a full-sized Rottweiler. Their fur may be different from their parents, but it is often described as “red” or “blonde.” They will have brown eyes, and their ears will be small in size. They also tend to have shorter legs than their dog parents, which can make them look stockier and more muscular.

How big will a Chihuahua Rottweiler mix get?

The size of a Rottweiler Chihuahua mix is about 15 inches at the shoulder and it weighs between 40 and 70 pounds.


The temperament of the Chiweiler is similar to that of both parents: loyal and protective but also stubborn and independent. They are good with children because they love being around people and enjoy being close to their family members.


The lifespan of a Rottweiler Chihuahua mix is approximately 10-15 years. Chiweiler are typically healthy, but the lifespan of this breed can vary greatly depending on the health and well-being of its owner.

Training & Exercise

The training and exercise requirements of a Rottweiler Chihuahua Mix are similar to those of any other dog. You’ll need to spend time with your dog consistently to establish the obedience, socialization, and trust necessary for your pet to live happily with you.

You’ll also need to be sure that your dog gets plenty of physical and mental exercises. This will help keep him healthy and happy.


If you have a Rottweiler Chihuahua mix, you’ll want to ensure you’re feeding them the appropriate diet. Many people believe that all dogs require the same amount of food, but this isn’t necessarily true. Your dog’s breed and size will determine how much they need.

A Chiweiler can eat up to 75 pounds of food daily, but they shouldn’t be fed more. If your dog is overweight or has health problems, talk with your vet about how much food you should give them and what kind of diet plan would be best for them.


If you’re considering adding a Rottweiler Chihuahua Mix to your family, you’ll want to make sure that your dog’s grooming requirements are up to snuff.

Here are some tips:

  1. Brush daily with a slicker brush or pin brush. Chiweiler need to be brushed regularly, so they don’t become matted and mats can lead to health issues like fleas or allergies.
  2. Trim nails every two weeks by cutting them down using clippers. Be careful not to cut too deeply, as this will likely cause pain for your pup and could even cause bleeding if done incorrectly!
  3. Suppose you notice your pup scratching at his ears. In that case, ears should be checked regularly for infection and kept clean with a ear cleaner solution such as hydrogen peroxide or chlorhexidine gluconate (CHG). CHG is gentle enough for most dogs’ ears yet effective enough against yeast

Barking Levels

The barking levels of a rottweiler chihuahua mix can vary depending on the amount of energy and playfulness that the dog is exhibiting. If you have a young pup, you may notice that they bark more than usual, but you’ll likely see much less barking with older dogs.

Watching their behavior is the best way to determine if your Chiweiler is barking too much. If they’re showing signs of stress or anxiety, then it’s likely that they are over-barking. You can also try speaking calmly to them while they’re outside and see if this calms them down.

If all else fails, there are some training methods that you can use to help your dog learn how to stop barking at strangers or other dogs on walks.

Weather Tolerance

The Rottweiler Chihuahua Mix might be more sensitive to the cold than other dogs are. In general, though, this breed is pretty resilient to weather changes, especially when compared to other breeds like golden retrievers who aren’t as well-suited for colder climates.

Common Health Problems

Chiweilers are known for having a lot of health problems. They are prone to arthritis, hip dysplasia, and other conditions related to their size.

One of the most common health issues that can affect your Rottweiler Chihuahua mix is obesity. This can happen at any age, but it is most common in older dogs. Obesity can pressure the joints, especially in areas like the spine and hips. It also makes it more difficult to move around and may cause pain.

Another issue that can affect your Chiweiler is hypoglycemia or diabetes. This condition occurs when a dog’s blood sugar levels are too low because they have too much insulin in their system or because they have type 1 diabetes which requires insulin injections several times per day. Symptoms include lethargy and weakness, as well as seizures if left untreated. If not treated quickly enough, complications such as loss of sight may occur.


If you are looking to buy a puppy, it may cost as much as $1,000. On the other hand, buying a senior dog or an adult could cost anywhere from $1,000 to $2,000.

You should also consider where you live and what kind of lifestyle you want for your pet. For example, if you live in a rural area with little traffic and no sidewalks and if your dog likes to run free (and sometimes gets into trouble), then an older dog might be more affordable than one that is younger or has been recently spayed or neutered.

Is Rottweiler Chihuahua Mix a Good Family Dog?

The Rottweiler Chihuahua mix is a great family dog. It is loyal to its family and loves to play with children. It is also good with other dogs, cats and even other animals if they are introduced properly.

The Chiweiler is a great choice for families who want a dog that will watch their property while they are away for long periods because it will guard the property and ensure no one enters without permission from the owner.

What To Consider Before Bringing This Dog Home

Before bringing a Rottweiler Chihuahua Mix home, you need to consider whether or not it is the right fit for your family. 

One important thing to consider is whether or not this breed is right for your lifestyle. If you are going to be alone with the dog, then it might be best not to get one of these breeds. They can be very aggressive towards other dogs and small children, so make sure that they are always kept in groups of at least three dogs when they are out running around without supervision.

You should also look into what kind of energy level the dog has before deciding whether this breed is right for you. If your dog has a high energy level, then it might be best if they were raised in an environment where other dogs were around all day long so that they could learn how to play nicely with others instead of being dominant over everyone else.

Pros Of Getting This Breed

  1. They are the perfect companion for the whole family
  2. They are very loyal and loving; they will love you unconditionally and will always be there for you in good and bad times
  3. They are easy to train and they do not need much time or effort to learn new things, they have a very good memory and they can learn everything quickly without even trying hard
  4. They are extremely intelligent dogs; they can easily learn tricks like “sit,” “stay,” “come here” and much more


  1. This is a very strong breed of dog. They have a lot of energy and will need plenty of exercise, so they may not be the best choice for a small home.
  2. They need to be groomed frequently to keep their fur looking good and prevent mats from forming on their coat. This is especially important if you want to show your pet at competitions or other events where their appearance is important.
  3. They have high energy levels that can cause problems with other pets in the household if they do not get enough exercise daily.


What do you call a rottweiler and chihuahua mix?

A rottweiler and chihuahua mix is called a “Chiweiler.”


The Rottweiler Chihuahua Mix is among the most unusual crossbreeds. These dogs are quite strong. While they are usually loyal and friendly, they were bred for a fiercely protective nature.

Other dog Mixes:

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