Aggressive behavior problems with dogs - Washington DC and Key West FL

Help for puppy/dog aggressive behavior problems

Canine Behavior Consultant Joel Walton CPDT can help you with your wonderful puppy/dog who is exhibiting aggressive

If you live in Washington DC or the Virginia and Maryland suburbs or in Southern Maryland or in Key West FL and need help with your dog because of growling, snapping, aggressive barking, biting or any aggressive behaviors please consider taking the following steps:

1. Please read Positive Puppy Training Works by Joel Walton. It doesn't matter that your puppy is over a year old. All
dogs are puppys until they are practically perfect. After you read PPTW you will know if you want to contact Joel Walton
to find out if he can help you and your dog.

2. Email Joel Walton at note that you have read PPTW and he will contact you. Joel services the Mid Atlantic area from April 15 2008. If you live in Key West Fl, Joel will be able to help you from Nov 15th 2007 until April 15th 2008.


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If you live outside of the Washington DC, Virginia and Maryland area or outside of Key West, FL, Please consider joining the Aggressive Behavior
List. Joel Walton started this list years ago to help you and your family with your wonderful dog. Barbara Brill is now
doing a wonderful job moderating the Aggressive Behavior List.
Interestingly, this is not an example of aggressive behavior! Mr BB King (my Labrador) and Sky (the wonderful
Siberian Husky that is owned by my friends Fritz and Georgia Riedel) like each other a lot and play together at
the beach almost every weekend. Non aggressive dogs get to have lots of fun!