Larry Labrador
One of Joel's beloved dogs.

About Us
Joel Walton helped start the Association of Pet Dog Trainers in
1993. He founded and managed the Association of Pet Dog
Trainers Email List for seven years.

Joel earned Level 1 certification through the Certification Council for
Pet Dog Trainers, the first national certification for dog trainers in
history at Ellenville, NY, on September 28, 2001.

Joel and his wife, Janet, live with over twenty Labrador Retrievers
and have retired from breeding Labradors after twenty five years of
producing beloved family pets and working dogs.

Joel helps dog owners with their dogs that exhibit aggressive
behavior through his business: Walton Family Dog Training LLC in
Prince Frederick MD and Key West FL.

Joel also trains dog trainers and is available for a limited number
of seminars each year.
About Our Founder